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Indonesian Palm Oil Association or better known as GAPKI (Gabungan Pengusaha Kelapa Sawit Indonesia) is an organization of oil palm growers/palm oil producers in Indonesia established on 27 February 1981. As of today, GAPKI has 666 members of which the oil palm area covers around 3.6 million hectares or more than 33% of the Indonesian oil palm plantation area that makes GAPKI an important Government partner in improving Indonesian palm oil industry. GAPKI membership continues to grow every year. The significant growth is shown by the increase of the number of the members and the area planted. The first Indonesian Palm Oil Conference was held in 2004, GAPKI membership only consisted of 68 members with the total area around 0.7 million hectares. We belief the conference has contributed in promoting the organization to the industries as well as to the government.

The government is now encouraging the development of downstream industry and this makes GAPKI, the association of growers, more important. GAPKI pays a close attention to the downstream industry growth because its not only a captive market, but its development will also influence the competitiveness of the whole palm oil industry in Indonesia.

GAPKI is a very keen on the sustainable palm oil production. It has been long promoting to its members the good palm oil production practices that basically cover most of sustainable criteria. And today GAPKI is also imposing implementation of the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) which is an empowerment the sustainability-related Indonesia’s regulation in palm oil production especially to its members.

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