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Outcompeting other vegetable oils, palm oil has become the most important vegetable oil which commands more than 30 percent market share in the global market of vegetable oils. Along with the world population growth, the demand of palm oil for food and biofuel has been continually increasing every year.

With its highest versatility, highest productivity and highest efficiency, especially in terms of land use as compared to other vegetable oils, the palm oil has proven itself as the best solution for the future food security and bioenergy, while at the same time saving the planet by using only less land for expansion.

As the world's largest producer of palm oil, Indonesia plays a very significant role at the global market, while its domestic market has been steadily growing into a bigger potential market that can be tapped to increase palm oil absorption.

Thus, it is very important for Indonesian Palm Oil Association to keep all palm oil stakeholders updated on the price behavior and market trend. Additionally, policies, sustainability, trade expansion and other hot issues will also be addressed.

Thus, the Indonesian Palm Oil Association holds the INDONESIAN PALM OIL CONFERENCE AND PRICE OUTLOOK as an important annual year-end event for global vegetable oils and Indonesian palm oil stakeholders. This event will provide reliable information on palm oil price forecasts, market dynamics, and also with the latest issues in the industry. Furthermore, this event also provides an excellent opportunity for networking with prominent industry players and leaders.

This year, IPOC 2020 will address the latest development of Indonesian palm oil industry in relation to Indonesian economy, post Covid-19 recovery plan, future bioenergy, supply and demand, short term and long term price forecasts, as well as the market trends for the following year.

In addition to the conference, we provide an online networking to participants and those who want to market their product through our online networking activities.


People who are concerned with the current global palm oil issues, its challenges and opportunities, as well as those interested in understanding supply and demand, price behavior, and market trends in palm oil industry are welcomed to participate in our IPOC 2020 New Normal.

We invite you to register and join this prestigious online conference at your convenience. So, mark your agenda and register now to enjoy the early bird rates!

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