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GAPKI Office
Sudirman Park Rukan Blok B No.18
Jln. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav.35
Jakarta Pusat 10220
Tel. +6221-57943852
Fax. +6221-57943872
Email : info@gapkiconference.org
Website : www.gapkiconference.org

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The Indonesian Palm Oil Association, known as GAPKI (Gabungan Pengusaha Kelapa Sawit Indonesia), is an organization of oil palm growers and palm oil producers in Indonesia, established on February 27, 1981. Currently, GAPKI boasts 740 members managing approximately 3.7 million hectares of oil palm plantations, which constitutes over 30% of Indonesia's total oil palm plantation area. GAPKI plays a crucial role in representing oil palm growers and producers. It advocates for the industry, promotes sustainable practices, supports research, and collaborates with stakeholders to address challenges. GAPKIā€™s multifaceted approach contributes to the growth and responsible development of Indonesia's palm oil sector. These roles make GAPKI a crucial partner for the Indonesian government in developing the palm oil industry.

The Indonesian palm oil downstream industry has seen significant growth in recent years with the consistency of the mandatory 30 percent biodiesel program (B30) followed by B35 program since February 2023. As of now, Indonesia has made significant progress in testing the mandatory B40 palm oil biodiesel program, Further research is being conducted to broaden the use of palm oil in producing other bio-energy products, such as Green Diesel, Green Gasoline, and Green Avtur. The growth of the Indonesian palm oil downstream industry presents opportunities for further development and global market expansion. Consequently, GAPKI's role in supplying palm oil as a feedstock for the energy industry is becoming increasingly vital.

GAPKI is particularly focused on the growth of the downstream industry, recognizing it as a captive market that significantly influences the entire palm oil sector in Indonesia. Committed to sustainable palm oil production, GAPKI promotes best practices among its members, based on sustainability principles. The organization has also encouraged the adoption of the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) standards, regulated by the Indonesian government as part of its sustainability commitment.

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