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GAPKI Office
Sudirman Park Rukan Blok B No.18
Jln. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav.35
Jakarta Pusat 10220
Tel. +6221-57943852
Fax. +6221-57943872
Email : info@gapkiconference.org
Website : www.gapkiconference.org

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IPOC 2023 comes with the new feature to help participant to have more fruitful networking activities. The new features is IPOC 2023 Online Networking.

This new feature allows all confirmed participant and guests to contact each other, organize meetings and network before and during the event using this easy to use, private messaging system.

  • Maximize networking time at the IPOC 2023 by contacting other registered attendees in advance
  • Search other delegates by Name or Company and send them a message directly via this secure, private system
  • Personal details of delegates will not be shared with other users or displayed publically
  • Participants will be sent their username and password once their IPOC 2023 registration have been paid and confirmed


  1. This Online Messaging System is a closed, private service. Contact details such as email addresses and phone number are not revealed to other users
  2. Private/personal information is not published on any public website
  3. GAPKI will not pass users information stored on the system to any 3rd parties
  4. Access to the Online Networking System is only available to IPOC 2023 paid participants
  5. Every participant are only permitted to contact the same registered attendees 2 (two) times as to minimize spam
  6. One email and password is issued per confirmed delegate
  7. The networking system does not constitute any part of any conferences fees and as such GAPKI reserves the right to refuse access and/or remove users at our own discretion
  8. Spamming will not be tolerated. Any user considered by GAPKI to be abusing the system, i.e., attempting to send bulk messages, sending or publishing information deemed by GAPKI to be defamatory, abusive, or in any way inappropriate will be removed and may also be refused entry to the conference
  9. Networking system users may opt out at any time by logging in and selecting "Opt Out", or by contacting GAPKI and request for their details be removed from the system

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